Thursday, 29 March 2012

Miss Guided Review!

I ordered my summer shorts finally. I came across these gorgeous light denim shorts on (They have not asked me to do a review & did not send me these items) The shorts were £19.99 size 8 and the belt was £4.99 - comes in one size. I love both of these & the fittings on the short are perfect, they have a lovely short length with out showing your bum!! I ordered standard delivery which i regret as it took eight days to arrive. 

The fabric is extremely comfortable & the bottom of the shorts ave a 'wavey' effect.

The back of the shorts have the 'Miss Guided' Logo which i absolutely adore!!

The belt is burnt orange and i love how it looks vintage! 

Thursday, 22 March 2012


I received my 'Ebay' Lashes today & they are out standing! I paid a total of £2.79 for 10 pairs of lashes including the glue! All you have to do it cut them to size ( I find using toe nail clippers easier) They are extremely natural looking and have a great length and volume!(all photos are my own)


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mini Review !

Back in February I did a massive shop & so I decided to do a Mini Haul & a review on the items I bought on my blog, as im too shy to start youtube!

The first item I picked up was the AMAZING highly anticipated Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 ! Although I was hesitant to purchase this as it was so expensive... but I got it anyway! This has to be the best eye shadow I have ever used, the colours vary from cool grays to warm golds and bronze and it is the perfect palette to create all types of 'smokey' eyes. The palette comes with its own applicator, which has a blending brush and a flat brush - which are good, when you get the hand of using them! It also comes with a small Urban Decay 'Lip Junkie, Cools & Pumps' I found this very refreshing and seriously plumpifying! £36 - Debenhams 

The second item I bought was the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion this is a MUST HAVE when using any type of eye shadow as it makes the eye shadow appear more vibrant and last longer - making you use less eye shadow when applying! £14.50 - Debenhams

The third item I picked up was the MAC - Frost - Angel Lipstick, although I adored the smooth, glossy, hydrating finish of the 'Frost' the colour was disappointing as it was the exact same colour of my natural lip (my fault!)£13.50 - MAC store

I then regretfully bought the Studio Secrets Smoothing Base Primer - L'Oreal Paris. Honestly, this did NOTHING at all. The texture of the product is thick and does not glide on smoothly and feels as if you need a lot of product. It says primer should minimize the appearance of pores - this makes them bigger... about £10